The Nucleic Acids

The nucleic acids are the building blocks of living organisms.
There are two main types of nucleic acids:

·DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid.
·RNAmeans ribonucleic acid.
The are called nucleic acid because scientists first found them in the nucleus of cells.
Now, we have better equipment, and scientist have discovered nucleic acis in mitochondria, chloropasts, and cells that have no nucleus, such as bacteria and viruses.
Nucleic acis form long chains of pairs, that make a shape called a double helix. Each pair is called a run.
DNA holds your genetic infomation.
Everytyhing you are in your body is encoded in the DNA found in your cells.
Nucleic acids are made of five parts called nucleoides:

By Carmen López, Jenifer Moreno.
The atom

The atom is the basic unit of matter.
Atoms are the building blocks of molecules.
You need at least two atoms linked by a covalent chemical bond to form a molecule.
The atom consists of a nucleaus surrounded by a cloud of electrons.
Everything is made of atoms, and atms are by particles of matter
you are made of billions of atoms, but we can find only 40 different types of atoms (elements) mostly hydrogen and oxygen

By: José Antonio Gandullo Torres.